Meet the Team

DatChat Inc. was founded three years ago by a team dedicated to creating a personal privacy platform that always provides privacy, control and security. The DatChat Digital Rights Mangagement Technology (“DRM”) is the core of the platform. First launching the DatChat Messenger, the Company is now focused on developing it’s blockchain and “DRM” to solve cybersecurity issues, including issues relating to email, filestorage and financial transactions.

Darin Myman

Originally a founder of BigString, Mr. Myman has been a pioneer in messaging privacy and security since 2004. The BigString email service allowed users to send, recall, erase, self-destruct email correspondences. He has executive management and founder experience having served as a co-founder and CEO of BigString Corporation, a publicly traded company, PeopleString Corporation a publicly traded company and Wally World Media, Inc. a publicly traded company. His experience encompasses not only the conception of new technology, but overseeing all aspects of bring it to market that include marketing, financing, corporate management and overseeing development.

Peter Shelus

Founder and CTO (was president until this year): Mr. Shelus has over 10 years of Self-Destructing Messaging and Mobile Video development experience. As a lead engineer of the first self-destructing email, mobile and social messaging platform "BigString", Mr. Shelus has been a pioneer and thought leader ahead of his time in secure messaging having developed patented technology that became a cornerstone of self-destructing messaging. Mr. Shelus graduated from Rutgers University with honors and a degree in Computer Science.

Jeff Albeck

Developer: Mr. Albeck holds high expertise in website UI development, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and PHP. Additionally, he has extensive facebook and mobile UI development experience. Having worked on such high profile projects such as, Jeff brings a real feel for user experience and design.